[postgis-users] port option on postgis_restore.pl

Eduardo Luís Garcia Escovar eduardo.escovar at 3wt.com.br
Mon Apr 24 14:22:32 PDT 2006


Recently I have decided to upgrade both PostgreSQL and PostGIS instalations.
I've downloaded most recent versions of PostgreSQL, GEOS, PROJ.4 and 

For testing purposes,  I have mantained my old versions running on the 
default port (5432).
Then I've installed the new versions on an alternative port (5433).

So I dumped my database using the -Fc option, and afterwards I have used 
the Perl script "postgis_restore.pl" to restore it to the instalation 
running on port 5433, following the documentation:

$ sh utils/postgis_restore.pl lwpostgis.sql newdb olddb.dump [createdb options] > restore.log

I have put "-p 5433" (port option) on [createdb options], like this:

$ sh utils/postgis_restore.pl lwpostgis.sql newdb olddb.dump -p 5433 > restore.log

I took me a lot of tries to realize that another commands, like "psql" and "pg_restore" were not using this "port option".

I searched the archives of this list and found the thread 
"/postgis_restore.pl patch to allow psql options"/ (May 2005) which 
discussed this issue, but it seems to me that until now we have to 
modify the perl script in order to access the desired port.

For now I solved the problem stopping the old database for a while and 
starting the new database on default port (5432). Then everything works 
But I suggest the inclusion of a port option in future versions of 

Best Regards,

Eduardo Escovar

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