[postgis-users] MultiPoint WKT change proposal

Markus Schaber schabi at logix-tt.com
Wed Apr 26 07:55:52 PDT 2006

Hi, All,

Markus Schaber wrote:

> I think this justifies a 1.X upgrade instead of a 1.1.X update, as we
> change user/application visible output.

Just for clarification: This was not meant as a "please delay" - I also
think that the sooner we change, the better. But the effort should be
coordinated between related projects, as I already explained on the jts
developer list.

> I'll also have a look at the java code for this issue.

The PostGIS JTS reader relies on com.vividsolutions.jts.io.WKTReader for
WKT, so I will not do much there, and the Java2D reader currently only
supports WKB format, so it is not affected.

It seems that the WKT parser for org.postgis Geometries already
understands both versions and treats them equally, so only the output
had to be changed.

The attached patch against HEAD does this, as well as providing
additional regression tests.

I'll apply the patch to HEAD as soon as I get the OK from here :-)


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Dipl. Inf.     | Software Development GIS

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