[postgis-users] Forcing geotools to label things

Graham Stewart graham at mobilefoundry.net
Mon Aug 14 07:56:02 PDT 2006


I have the following symbolizer defined to put badges on interstates,
and it looks great when it works, but it doesn't seem to label all the
roads meeting the filter. Sometimes i'll change the zoom slightly and
the shields will disappear from some of the roads.

I've tried setting priority to various different large numbers and it
doesn't seem to make any difference. Am I doing something wrong?


               <CssParameter name="fill">#FFFFFF</CssParameter>
               <CssParameter name="font-family">Lucida Sans</CssParameter>
               <CssParameter name="font-size">48</CssParame ter>
               <CssParameter name="font-style">Bold</CssParameter>
       <VendorOption name="group">yes</VendorOption>
                       <OnlineResource xlink:href="file:///c:/is.svg
<cid:part1.04050609.00070005 at mobilefoundry.net>"/>

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