[postgis-users] PgDijkstra Example for Frendh users available

TECHER David davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Sun Aug 20 17:04:42 PDT 2006


I'm trying to finish my doc for PostGIS for French Users I expect
perhaps next week:

i've written a small example for pgdijkstra from http://www.cartoweb.org

but in French ;-(

Before posting documentation on French PostGIS Site,
http://www.postgis.fr, let me know what
French Users think about it!

You can find it here:

[HTML]: http://01map.hd.free.fr/documentation/win32/html/ch04.html#id2506021

[PDF] http://01map.hd.free.fr/documentation/win32/pdf/doc.pdf (see page
87/193 section 4.5.35)

N.B: links in doc are not updated, sorry

Any idea, any suggestion, other example to put let me know

have a nice week-end




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