[postgis-users] Change of employment

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at ilande.co.uk
Tue Jul 18 02:59:33 PDT 2006

Hi everyone,

After nearly four years, I have finally decided that it is time to move 
on from my job here at WebBased in order to pursue different challenges. 
  I am currently in the process of setting up as a contractor, with the 
aim of offering consulting and development services for open source 
projects, with an emphasis on solutions involving PostgreSQL and PostGIS.

Probably the most visible change to PostGIS users is that it will no 
longer be possible for me to update the Win32 installers page at 
http://www.webbased.co.uk/mca/ and so I have been working with Paul to 
move the content across onto the Refractions webserver; once this is 
complete, I shall place a redirect on the page at 
http://www.webbased.co.uk/mca/ back to the Refractions webserver and ask 
Paul to update the links on the site. I have been promised that any 
redirect links at http://www.webbased.co.uk/mca/ will remain active for 
at least a month after a leave.

I have already been offered some PostgreSQL-related work which will 
allow me to continue with my role as unofficial PostGIS Win32 maintainer 
on the Refractions site for the near future; if this changes then I will 
be sure to let the community know with as much notice as I can give.

I am currently in the process of setting up a website offering my 
services which will soon go live at http://www.ilande.co.uk; in the 
meantime, if anyone wishes to contact me regarding PostgreSQL/PostGIS 
work or any other queries, please use my new email address 
mark.cave-ayland at ilande.co.uk rather than my webbased.co.uk address.

Finally, a big thank you to all the members in the PostGIS community who 
have been really supportive of my work so far; from the early days 
particularly Paul Ramsey, David Blasby and Sandro Santilli, but also 
everyone else I have come into contact with who has donated time and 
effort to help maintain the high standard of the PostGIS project - keep 
up the good work!

Kind regards,


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