[postgis-users] Good mailing list for FOSS GIS desktop client discussion?

dnrg dananrg at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 23 08:16:50 PDT 2006

Any good email discussion lists for FOSS GIS desktop
client discussion?

I've been playing with Quantum GIS (and adding PostGIS
layers), but I'm disappointed that:

-- There's no query functionality whatsoever - only
the ability to open an attribute table and sort
ascending or descending.
-- There are no analysis or transformation
-- Symbology options are primitive
-- Layers don't have transparency

Nice interface and a terrific start, but aside from
panning and zooming there isn't much functionality.

Can anyone recommend a good GIS desktop client for
Windows? I know GRASS is probably the best client, but
I think it'll take a good desktop client for Windows
(without having to use something like CygWin) to
provide a real alternative to commercial GIS desktop

The commercial market leader in desktop GIS clients
seems to be light years away from any of the
Windows-based open source FOSS GIS clients; unless I'm
missing something.

Is there a windows-based FOSS GIS client that at 
least has basic query abilities? Or do I need to fire
up MapServer and use that to do queries? Seems odd
that MapServer would have more functionality than any
windows-based FOSS GIS desktop, non-web based client.
Or maybe not, given that a browser provides a nice GUI
to build on.

Sorry for the non-PostGIS digression.

Frustrated as heck with Quantum GIS,


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