[postgis-users] How can I split a polyline?

Fay Du fay.du at versaterm.com
Tue Mar 7 05:38:50 PST 2006

Yes, I mean multilinestring. And I want to split it into two
multilinestring. Since you mentioned, I am also curious to know how to
split into points. Following are some multilinestring example from my

"MULTILINESTRING((1837220.875 330343.625,1836865.75
330348.53125,1836449.25 330363.03125,1836208.375
330362.59375,1836013.375 330371.375,1835626.625 330381.46875,1834513.625
"MULTILINESTRING((1837220.875 330343.625,1837219.5
330249.40625,1837210.5 330066.96875,1837190.625 329385.0625,1837181.25
"MULTILINESTRING((1839815.5 328889.15625,1839409.625
328889.15625,1838255.625 328915.90625,1837202 328937.65625,1837181.25


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On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 11:23:30AM -0500, Fay Du wrote:
>    How can I split a polyline in PostGIS? Or how can I read all point
> a polyline and split by my self? I want to use pgdijkstra module, and
> dos not allow tow polyline share end point, I want to split one and
> one more end node in the table. 

By polyline do you mean multilinestring?  Do you want to split into
linestrings or into points?  Could you show an example geometry and
what you want to do with it?

Michael Fuhr
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