[postgis-users] Conference Workshop Data Set - Poly layers won't load

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Sun Mar 12 13:37:23 PST 2006

I am playing around with the data from the Intro to PostGis workshop at
MUM2005.  (Great workshop by the way!)

I am running postgres 8.1.2 and PostGis 1.1.1.  on Windows.  I was able to
load the bc_pubs and bc_municipality, but bc_roads and bc_voting_areas.

I build the sql file with shp2pgsql and then try to run it in the SQL window
of PGAdminIII.  The file loads (after a while) and the sql appears to
excute, but no messages are generated.  No table is created either.  These
large shape files do appear to tax the laptop resources, so the only thing
that I can think of is that I am running out of memory or something.  Anyone
have an idea or had a similar situation?

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