[postgis-users] Trying to figure out how statistics for theplannerwork

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> Happy to hear making it a define helped :)
> Note that there should also be a define for fine-tuning
> standard deviation computing. The standard deviation
> computation has been introduced to avoid problems when
> hard deviant are present (possibly bogus entries completely
> outside of the *real*  spatial domain, like geoms with
> wrong projection and similar).
> I wonder if it would be worth an additional final check
> to abort the standard-deviation computed bbox when
> the number of "hard-deviant" is above a given threshold...
> --strk;

Hi strk/Steve,

If Steve could do some tests with USE_STANDARD_DEVIATION enabled while
increasing the SDFACTOR constant (probably setting it to 3.5 - 4.0 would
make things work), I'd be happy to consider increasing the default. This was
really a result of my testing on our datasets here, so it is by no means
exhaustive. The idea, of course, was to catch a problem we had here where
someone had got an import script wrong (so most geometries were a factor of
100 out, including some infinite points!) which led to query plans being
created which ground the server to a halt.... :(

Kind regards,


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