[postgis-users] Conference Workshop Data Set - Poly layers won'tload

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Thanks for the response.  I will try it at the commandline.  I had
started out loading the data using the psql commandline, but when I
ran into some errors, I went to pgAdmin to read the error messages
more easily.  (error was due to UTF encode option...)

Also, I apologize for the email format.  Personally, I don't like html
emails either.  I am using a Gmail account that I don't use a lot and
didn't think to set the default to text.

Thanks again for your quick response.


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> > I am playing around with the data from the Intro to PostGis workshop at
> MUM2005. (Great workshop by the way!)
> >
> > I am running postgres 8.1.2 and PostGis 1.1.1. on Windows. I was able to
> load the
> > bc_pubs and bc_municipality, but bc_roads and bc_voting_areas.
> >
> > I build the sql file with shp2pgsql and then try to run it in the SQL
> window of
> > PGAdminIII. The file loads (after a while) and the sql appears to excute,
> but no
> > messages are generated. No table is created either. These large shape
> files do appear > to tax the laptop resources, so the only thing that I can
> think of is that I am running > out of memory or something. Anyone have an
> idea or had a similar situation?
> >
> > David.
> Hi David,
> Have you tried loading in the resulting SQL file from the command line using
> psql? I can't say that I've used pgAdmin III to load large datasets but I've
> used psql without any problems. I normally fire up a command prompt in the
> PostgreSQL directory and then do something like:
> psql.exe –d mydatabase –f mysql.sql –U pguser
> BTW a lot of people on this list don't use PostgreSQL/PGAdminIII on Windows
> and so will not be able easily read HTML emails – you're more likely to get
> a response if you post messages in plain text format.
> Kind regards,
> Mark.
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