[postgis-users] TIGER polygons, census SF1 blocks, and boundaries

Dylan Oliver dylan.oliver at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 04:59:05 PST 2006


I've made some good headway on a project to import TIGER and census data.
Given any address/coordinated, I want to be able to query which block that
point is in, and also extract the number of houses in that block from the
census data. Matching up the tiger and census blocks is no trick; it's done
on module (eg tgr55111 to indicate county 111 (Sauk) of state 55 (WI)) and
block number. The problem is that multiple TIGER polygons may exist for a
single block, and worse that the only difference in these (as they appear in
the polygons table) is their geometry. Which polygon is the one which
describes the border of the block, and not, say, a lake inside it?

Dylan Oliver
Primaverity, LLC
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