[postgis-users] 3D boxes supported?

Greg Janée gjanee at alexandria.ucsb.edu
Wed Mar 22 11:31:37 PST 2006

Does PostGIS fully support three-dimensional bounding boxes?  
Specifically, does PostGIS support overlaps and containment testing of 
3D boxes, and will it take advantage of a GiST index to do so?

Also, is it still true that the only way to create a 3D box is to use 
the SetSRID function, as in (I pulled this from the documentation):

    SetSRID('BOX3D(191232 243117,191232 243119)'::box3d,-1)

(As an aside, isn't the above just a 2D box?)

Sorry if these are naive questions, but I'm running an older version of 
PostGIS (1.0) and my understanding from reading the change logs is that 
I need to upgrade to get some recent fixes related to 3D boxes, but 
there's no point in upgrading unless 3D box testing uses the GiST 


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