[postgis-users] Create M for 4d Linestrings

Düster Horst Horst.Duester at bd.so.ch
Thu Mar 23 02:28:44 PST 2006


I do have a Table with MULTILINESTRINGS and Z value geometries. I forced
this geometries to 4d geometries with the result of all M equals to 0. Thats
correct. Now I want to move all Z values to M values but I can't find any
Postgis function to do that. 

I'll appreciate any hint.

With best regards
Dr. Horst Düster 
GIS-Koordinator, Stv. Amtschef

Kanton Solothurn 
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CH-4501 Solothurn 

Tel.: ++41 (0)32 627 25 32 
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horst.duester at bd.so.ch 

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