[postgis-users] help in storing tif file

Darryl Watson dwatson at roof-express.com
Fri Mar 24 08:05:58 PST 2006

While I have traditionally been inclined to keep images out of 
databases, in the case of the application I am developing for my 
company, we've made the decision to go ahead and use our DBMS to store 
image data.  Web servers are far better optimized to serve images, but 
in our case we felt it was more important to lessen the possibility of 
somehow disconnecting our row data with its corresponding image.  For 
our application, though, the minor loss of performance with this 
architecture is not significant; your application may have different 

We're using SQL Server to store our images and keeping our geometry data 
in a separate PostgreSQL database.  We use custom .NET code to insert 
images into the database and to retrieve them.  But because I am 
paranoid, we keep our image data in a separate database from our related 
row data, so we can tune the image database as our application grows.

>>>Dear all,
>>>I am newbie in the postgis. I am trying to store tif image file to postgis.
>>>pls suggest me the way.

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