[postgis-users] Mapserver and Postgis

Ezequias Rodrigues da Rocha ezequias at recife.pe.gov.br
Tue Mar 28 05:02:28 PST 2006

Many thanks but there is notthing on the  postgresql-Tue.log :-( .

I can start and stop the postgresql without problem. I use postmaster -D 

Another thing. How can I ping using mapserver ?
Another thing2:I can log to postgis using ssh connection (as root and 
after as postgres user).
Another thing3:There is no password to postgis ( linux )user. The 
postgis (database) user has yes a password (and I used on the map file)

I hope  you could understand my enviroment.


Gregory S. Williamson escreveu:
> Ezequias --
> What does the postgres log say ? That's a good place to start debugging this.
> The text that you quoted has several very good suggestions; assuming that the connection string seems rational to you, i.e. user, password, server and database are all sane, I would suggest making sure that you can can ping the postgres server from the mapserver ... if so
> Check the postgres log and see if it is refusing the connection. if it is you need to add the postgres user (not a great idea to exposte the DBA account as a working account, but that's another issue) and the IP address to the .hba file on the postres server. That file controls who can connect and can't; it is in the root of the directory the postgres database was created in.
> If there is nothing in the log I'd suspect the TCP issue, or some routing issue since postgres will write a useful message if an un-authorized user tries to connect. Presumably the postgres user has permissions to connect to the database and access the tables.
> It is possible the postgres instance was not started with the proper to allow TCP/IP connections; that is controlled by the script that starts the postgres database. I'm not sure if the error log would show anything in this case.
> HTH, post back your results and maybe others can help more.
> Greg Williamson
> GlobeXplorer LLC
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> Hi list,
> I don't know if this is a off-topic, but as nobody from mapserver could 
> solve my problem I will report to you now.
> I am trying to connect my mapserver project to PostGIS but my browser 
> always report the folowing error:
> msDrawMap(): Image handling error. Failed to draw layer named 'bairros'.
> msPOSTGISLayerOpen(): Query error. couldnt make connection to DB with 
> connect string 'user=postgres password=***** dbname=db host=xxx.xxx 
> port=5432'.
> Error reported was 'could not create socket: Permission denied '.
> This error occured when trying to make a connection to the specified 
> postgresql server.
> Most commonly this is caused by
> (1) incorrect connection string
> (2) you didnt specify a 'user=...' in your connection string
> (3) the postmaster (postgresql server) isnt running
> (4) you are not allowing TCP/IP connection to the postmaster
> (5) your postmaster is not running on the correct port - if its not on 
> 5432 you must specify a 'port=...'
> (6) the security on your system does not allow the webserver (usually 
> user 'nobody') to make socket connections to the postmaster
> (7) you forgot to specify a 'host=...' if the postmaster is on a 
> different machine
> (8) you made a typo
> Could someone help me. As simple as possible would be very glad.
> Sincerely...

Ezequias Rodrigues da Rocha
msn:ezequias at hotmail.com
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