[postgis-users] Announcing mezoGIS

Markus Schaber schabi at logix-tt.com
Wed Mar 29 04:45:48 PST 2006

Hi, Attila,

Attila Csipa wrote:

>>>BTW, they are for unstable debian.
>>Mmm.. I see. Well, I don't want to mess with unstale stuff yet.
>>I have horrible experiences from disappointed debian packaging system.
> Care to elaborate on the problems ? We might help. While it's true that there 
> are transient packaging errors in Debian unstable, most of the problems I 
> hear about from others stem from the misunderstanding or misconfiguration of 
> apt.

Other problems stem from a mixture of releases (e. G. testing and
experimental) or inclusion of third-party apt source servers.

The only times when it got really ugly is when there are several big
transitions (KDE, GNOME, GCC-ABI) together. Lots of packages are
uninstallable then, at least temporarily.


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