[postgis-users] from non-spatial to spatial data with postgis - whats wrong?

Karl-Heinz Thaler kht at hz-online.de
Thu Mar 30 05:17:02 PST 2006

Hello everyone,

I´m running Mapserver with PostGis and Mapbender. With test-data
everything works fine, unfortunately i´m not able to get it to work with
data which i import to a table.

I have textdata with id, label and X/Y-Coordinates (POINT) and want to
convert it to spatial-data into a PostGis-table. As the manual describes
i did this steps:
1. create a non-spatial table with id and label
2. AddGeometryColumn('test','the_geom', 31467, 'POINT', 2)
3. Added a CONSTRAINT geometry_valid_check
Afterwards i ran a PHP-Script to populate the table from the text-files
that i have with: INSERT INTO test VALUES
('id','label',GeometryFromText('POINT(X Y)',31467));
this scripts runs with no errors and the table contains spatial data as

Problem is that this data is not shown with Mapbender.
To test the table-data, i exported it into a shapefile, which, for
example with ArcViewer, views without problems. Loading the same
shapefile with Mapbender, shows just nothing - but without any

I´m totally stuck at the moment and don´t have any clue what is wrong.
Is there anything i´ve done wrong when building the table or populating

any help would be much appreciated
thanks in advance 
K-H Thaler

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