[postgis-users] Re: Status of geocoding functions in PostGIS?

Mark Thomas javaguru at ieee.org
Fri Mar 31 19:01:12 PST 2006


I have access to a spatial road network for Jamaica and a partial road
network (no street numbers) for trinidad & tobago, so perhaps the
structures of these addresses would be helpful to you.  I'm afraid I
cannot release the data as it belongs to the Jamaican and Trinidad
governments, respectively, but I could copy the structure of the
shapefiles for you.  I would also like to look into helping out on your
project and possibly Paul's as well.  I think this would be a good
opportunity to join the two projects and begin collaborating with each
other to speed up development.

I also have extensive experience in reverse geocoding and am looking
into writing a country agnostic reverse geocoder.  I have implemented
this in Java and PL/SQL for Oracle Spatial for the US so far, but I am
considering porting it to PostGIS; however, the major roadblock for me
is the lack of a nearest neighbor query function in PostGIS.  If anyone
knows of an implementation please let me know as the migration from
PL/SQL to PL/PGSQL would be quite trivial at that point.

Mark Thomas
Sun Certified Java 5 Programmer
Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer
Sun Certified Web Component Developer
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