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Hello Dan,

Jamaica is divided up into 13 parishes and each parish has its own shapefile, which varies slightly from the other; however, all the necessary info is there.  Here's the output of ogrinfo for the Manchester parish:

Layer name: Manchester_rd
Geometry: Line String
Feature Count: 8876
Extent: (682982.937500, 632664.250000) - (712562.750000, 678018.625000)
Layer SRS WKT:
FNODE_: Integer (9.0)
LENGTH: Real (19.11)
L_F_ADD: String (10.0)
L_T_ADD: String (10.0)
R_F_ADD: String (10.0)
R_T_ADD: String (10.0)
STREET_NAM: String (50.0)
STREET_TYP: String (5.0)
CLASS: String (3.0)
PARISHL: String (1.0)
PARISHR: String (1.0)
CATEGORY: String (9.0)
SURFACE: String (7.0)
PARISH: String (13.0)
DISTRICT: String (30.0)
SCHEME_NAM: String (30.0)
SEGMENT_LE: Integer (9.0)
Seg_Num: Integer (2.0)

If you need any more info please let me know!  I also have a lot of data for both Brazil and Argentina (~5GB per country) that I have yet to look at.  In addition to that, I have the entire Australian road network, but it is in some sort of data format I am unfamilar with.  Can't think of it right now, but I'll try to remember to take a look again.



P.S.  I also have a compiled list of the mapping agencies for most of the countries in the world.  I'm sure you'd probably be interested in that!

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Hi Mark,

Something outside of the US and Canada would be great. The Jamaica  
file works, the Trinidad and Tobago doesn't. Without address ranges a  
traditional postal address geocoder needs that information to function.

In terms of collaborating with Paul Smith and the PostGIS geocoder  
project, I think it makes perfect sense. After the response I made to  
Steve Woodbridge's post this morning, I kicked myself for not  
explicitly indicating that the group which is the natural one to  
mutually provide helping hands to one another in developing a library  
to create a Postgres stored procedure of postal address geocoding.


On 31-Mar-06, at 7:01 PM, Mark Thomas wrote:

> Dan,
> I have access to a spatial road network for Jamaica and a partial  
> road network (no street numbers) for trinidad & tobago, so perhaps  
> the structures of these addresses would be helpful to you.  I'm  
> afraid I cannot release the data as it belongs to the Jamaican and  
> Trinidad governments, respectively, but I could copy the structure  
> of the shapefiles for you.  I would also like to look into helping  
> out on your project and possibly Paul's as well.  I think this  
> would be a good opportunity to join the two projects and begin  
> collaborating with each other to speed up development.
> I also have extensive experience in reverse geocoding and am  
> looking into writing a country agnostic reverse geocoder.  I have  
> implemented this in Java and PL/SQL for Oracle Spatial for the US  
> so far, but I am considering porting it to PostGIS; however, the  
> major roadblock for me is the lack of a nearest neighbor query  
> function in PostGIS.  If anyone knows of an implementation please  
> let me know as the migration from PL/SQL to PL/PGSQL would be quite  
> trivial at that point.
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