[postgis-users] Problem with pgRouting function: assign_vertex_id(table, float8)

An Nguyen anntv84 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 1 22:52:47 PST 2006

Hi all,

When I use the function assign_vertex_id("mytable", 0.1) of pgRouting with 1000 records, it works well. But I try to use this function with 30000 records it runs during hours and hours and use 100% CPU. And I don't know how much time it costs until the query finishes. It still runs and runs.

My computer:
OS: Linux Fedora Core 5
CPU: Intel Celeron D Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1 Genuine Intel ~2133
RAM: DDR 256MB+512MB

Anyone had solved this problem before? I need your help!

Thanks a lot,

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