[postgis-users] pgrouting 0.7 and a*

Ville Antti Ensio Leinonen levian00 at students.oamk.fi
Sun Nov 5 09:16:13 PST 2006

Hi. Im working with routing. I allready have tryed with pgdijsktra module 
and that worked somewhat right, now i found pgrouting 0.9.7 module. I got 
dijkstra to works sameway as in pgdijsktra, but i cant find any howto or 
tutorial to get A* work.

for dijkstra i have
l table with data
l.edges has id,source,targer,cost,reverse_cost
l.vertices has id,the_geom
works fine after little modification to _internal_id() function, and 
actually looks like pgrouting works better that pgdijkstra when using 

Now what i need to do to get A* work, i assume that i need x1,x2,y1,y2 
columns to l.edges table? but what data and how i populate those values?
maybe something to do with long/lat?

shortest_astar_path_as_geometry('l', source_id, target_id, delta);
And what is delta, README.INSTALL file dosen't talk to me.

Thanks You for help

  --	Ville Leinonen		 --

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