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whiteman jan.syryn at trasys.be
Tue Nov 7 02:39:55 PST 2006

Hi Norman (and others),

I have serveral questions/problems:

1. Can you point me where I can find your manual concerning PostGIS and the
use of GeometryType ?

2. In the thread here, people are using:
When I do the same, I get a "No suitable driver" exception.

For the moment I am using: 
<driver-class>org.postgresql.Driver</driver-class> and that seems to work
for simple tests.

Is this important ? Maybe this is related with the errors I am getting
further the line.

3. I wanted to use the GeometryType that is packed in PostGIS 1.1.5.
After generating the new JAR and replacing the old one by this one,
I start getting new exceptions:
The class org.postgis.PGbox3d does not implement

Any Idea what this means ??

4. Now I put the old PostGIS back and make a very small JAR that contains
BinaryWriter and GeometryType, and also add it to the classpath. This is
what he sais now:
org.hibernate.MappingException: Could not determine type for:

My object looks like this:

	@Type(type = "org.postgis.hibernate.GeometryType")
	@Column(name="footprint", columnDefinition="Geometry")
	public Geometry getFootprint() {
		return footprint;
	public void setFootprint(Geometry footprint) {
		this.footprint = footprint;

And if I add 'import org.postgis.hibernate.GeometryType' to the object, he
does not complain he does not know that import, so the GeometryType is well
added to the project.

Is there anyone who sees a light through this strange effects ?

thanks in advance,

Norman Barker-3 wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been a bit busy, but it is my intention to write a simple 'spatial'
> tutorial on EJB3 using the postgis geometry type, the functionality will
> be simple but should get you started.  I know I said I would have it done
> by last w/end so I will put it top on my priority list.
> Apologies for the delay, posting code with no instructions is bad!
> Norman 

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