[postgis-users] Re: ver 1.1.5 configure fails on Ubuntu

Steven Johnson sejohnson8 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 18:29:37 PST 2006

One more clue here... I've pasted the summary of the ./configure process
below and notice that the value for ldflags is not set. Wondering if I need
to recompile PostgreSQL to link against the C++ libs?

Thanks again,


 HOST_OS: linux-gnu

   PGSQL: /usr/bin/pg_config
    GEOS: /usr/bin/geos-config
          (ldflags: )
    PROJ: prefix=/usr libdir=/usr/lib
   ICONV: 1

 PORTNAME: linux
   PREFIX: /usr
  EPREFIX: ${prefix}
      DOC: /usr/share/doc/postgresql-doc-8.1/contrib
     DATA: /usr/share/postgresql/8.1/contrib
      MAN: /usr/share/postgresql/8.1/man
      BIN: /usr/lib/postgresql/8.1/bin
      EXT: /usr/lib/postgresql/8.1/lib (\$$libdir)
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