[postgis-users] NAVTEQ Data?

Pedro Doria Meunier pdoria at netmadeira.com
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About Navteq data and its use in Postgis

The latter is most useful in their GDF (navteq variant) format where routing
is concerned.
The problem is that gdf is a ludicrous format to understand, let alone
implementing, writing a parser, etc...
FME 2006 does it at a very great expense and a great deal of time investment
on the side of the programmer... :-(
A demo -- time based -- of it is available at

A gdf (properly formatted) conversion to shapefile, for a future inclusion
in a postgis database, produces a ludicrous amount of shapefiles and they're
not even readable with shp2pgsql ...

About the gdf format,
There are samples and documents at Ertico --

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Hi, Adam,

adam at spatialsystems.org wrote:
> I've seen some NAVTEQ data in cars and I like it, better than Tiger
> files.  I also heard it has road speeds in it.
> Has anyone loaded NAVTEQ data into a PostGIS server, is it possible?

We're currently using NavteQ data in shapefile format, and using
shp2pgsql to load it into PostGIS. The NavteQ ShapeFiles are suited
relatively well for map visualisation, but for routing applications,
some advanced attributes are missing, and the data has to be
preprocessed (normalized etc.).

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