[postgis-users] postgis bool::text and mapserver

Robert Coup robert.coup at onetrackmind.co.nz
Mon Nov 13 12:11:43 PST 2006

Orlando Giovanny Solarte Delgado wrote:
> When I use an EXPRESSION in my map file using FIELD STRING, the 
> condition never returns as true, even though I know the values exist 
> in my table. <http://postgis.refractions.net/docs/ch04.html#id2525201>
> ...
> I am using both lower an upper case, I know VTS value exist in my 
> table postgis, but never returns as true.
Try checking that whitespace hasn't been added to the end of your string 
- the char_length() function can help you here. Also trim() will fix it 
for you. I had several million rows of attributes imported from MapInfo 
TAB format with these issues.

Rob :)

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