[postgis-users] load more than one shape files to one table?

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Mon Nov 13 12:33:29 PST 2006

Then I think you will probably need to write a perl script or whatever 
to that will load you data and appropriately add a unique id to each 
files' data and add sequence numbers to the rows if you need to maintain 
order. Or have it load the data as a collection of multilines. I think 
the answer will have more to do with what you need to do with the data 
once you have it loaded.


Thomas Zuberbuehler wrote:
> steve,
> thank you. but i think my problem exists further. a route consists
> more than one segment. this segments form a route. if i load a route
> with shp2pgsql, as you suggest, i am going in disorder, not? then i
> can't differentiate the route, can i?
> thank you.
> thomas
> 2006/11/13, Stephen Woodbridge <woodbri at swoodbridge.com>:
>> Thomas Zuberbuehler wrote:
>> > hello
>> >
>> > i have more than 150 shape files with routes (every one contains one
>> > route). can i load this files to postgis and *only* one table which
>> > contains all routes? there could be a problem: a shape file contains
>> > more than one multilines.
>> >
>> > shapefile type: arc
>> > postgis type: multilinestring[2]
>> >
>> > someone has an idea?
>> shp2pgsql has an option to create just the table.
>> To run it once to create the table, then run it 150 times for your
>> shapefiles but don't have it do the table create.
>> -Steve
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