[postgis-users] Probelm with postgis-pg81-setup-1.1.6-1 in XP

Tomas Lanczos lanczos at t-zones.sk
Tue Nov 14 02:21:28 PST 2006

> [mailto:postgis-users-bounces at postgis.refractions.net] On 
> Hi Tomas,
> The easiest way to determine the current version is to issue 
> a simple SELECT postgis_full_version() in psql or pgAdmin.

"POSTGIS="1.1.6" GEOS="2.2.3-CAPI-1.1.1" PROJ="Rel. 4.5.0, 22 Oct 2006"
USE_STATS DBPROC="0.3.0" RELPROC="1.1.6" (needs proc upgrade)"

It looks that the installation procedure succeed anyway, no need to
reinstall the whole stuff (even I will do it, later or soon ...)

Many thanks to everybody who helped.



> Kind regards,
> Mark.

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