[postgis-users] pgsql2shp varchar convert

Richard Rossel rrossel at airsage.com
Tue Nov 14 07:58:06 PST 2006

Hi guys,
I have a problem with pgsql2shp convertion that  I would like that you
 help me :)
I have a postgres DB with data that I loaded with shp2pgsql, and then
I make some transformations and added a new field call FCC as a varchar(5)
and load data as:  UPDATE tablename SET FCC='A31' .....;
Can I do some queries and check that it is correct:
  Select FCC from tablename;
   FCC = A31

The problem is when I convert bd to  shapefile using pgsql2shp the FCC data
is saved with quotes that I no need, like:
  FCC = 'A31'

How can get generate a shapefile data without these  quotes?
And other question :)
How can  filter fields with shp2pgsql, like "ogr2ogr -selec" does?

thanks very much .-

Richard Rossel
Valparaiso - Chile

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