[postgis-users] Converting From MULTILINESTRINGM to MULTILINESTRING

Thomas Zuberbuehler tzuberbuehler at datacomm.ch
Wed Nov 15 13:10:49 PST 2006

Hi Bert,

You have written a half year ago in the postgis mailinglist:

> Hi All,
> I have been struggling with some dirty data from arcview, specifically a lot
> of the shapefiles had a thrid dimension, but it conntained no useful data. I
> am using this data with geoserver and it doesn't like multilinestringm
> types. How would I go about stripping out the third dimension. is there a
> way to do it in postgis or do I have to export all the geometries as text
> and grep them?
> Thanks,
> Bert

I have the exact similar problem. How did you found a solution? The
force_2d operation,  which is in the mailinglist suggested, functioned
unfortunately not.

Thank you.

Thomas Zuberbuehler

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