[postgis-users] dynamic segmentation

Brent Wood pcreso at pcreso.com
Thu Nov 16 18:36:03 PST 2006

P Kishor wrote:
> Someone asked me recently about open source dynamic segmentation
> solutions. I thought, let's ask the PostGIS community. Is this
> possible with PostGIS? If not, does anyone know of other open source
> solutions for ds?

It sort of depende what you do with dynamic segmentation, some is easily doable
with PostGIS, other stuff is harder.

For example, having a single line feature, representing say, a pipeline.

DS can allow various segments of this to have some different attributes, like
identifying steel & concrete, or above ground & underground sections. You can't
do this quite the same way in PostGIS, but having separate features with a
common attribute, such as 5 separate line segments with a common pipeline_id,
as well as a multiline/geometrycollection representing the composite feature
means you can achieve comparable functionality using appropriate SQL & data

So does PostGIS "do" dynamic segmentation? Strictly speaking, not really.

Can functionality equivalent to dynamic segmentation be implemented using
PostGIS? Quite often yes.

  Brent Wood

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