[postgis-users] RE: RE: PostGIS - hibernate - EJB3

Markus Schaber schabi at logix-tt.com
Sat Nov 25 01:10:40 PST 2006

Hi, Daniel,

Daniel Martinez wrote:

> Also, after creating my 'Geometry' object I was required to set the
> 'srid' field, like this:
> double x = 10.50;
> double y = 8.20;
> Geometry geometry = new org.postgis.Point(x,y);
> geometry.setSrid(4326);
> Otherwise, I kept getting errors when trying to persist the object into
> the database.

Which error are you getting exactly?

If it's complaining about a constraint violation, then your table has a
check constraint requiring the SRID to be 4326, and so you have to set
it appropriately in your java objects before the database accepts them.

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