[postgis-users] AcadMap2pgsql 1.0 available

Harald Schwenk harald.schwenk at agentur-geoinfo.de
Sat Nov 25 04:34:59 PST 2006

Dear user,

The 1.0 release of AcadMap2pgsql is now available.


The following entities change or retrofit:

° Point
° Text
° MText
° Insert (+ attributes)
° Circle
° Line
° Polyline
° 2D-Polyline
° 3D-Polyline
° and maybe by April: arc

It is possible to create a database dump with WKT or EWKT geometries and with object data.


agentur geoinfo
Harald Schwenk
mailto:harald.schwenk at agentur-geoinfo.de
Konverter AcadMap2pgsql: http://www.agentur-geoinfo.de/acadmap2pgsql.htm
neu: Konverter dxf2pgsql > Version zur Evaluierung anfordern
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