[postgis-users] Extracting the Linestring Geometry from a BBox(noob)

Pedro Doria Meunier pdoria at netmadeira.com
Mon Nov 27 03:58:08 PST 2006

Hey Andrew,


I had to do a similiar thing

“Cut” the road segments belonging to a municipality
 and the query ended
like this:


create my_road_segment as

select intersection(r.geometry, f.geometry) as geometry,

r.name, r.sec_name, r.city, r.region, r.country, r.pcode, r.road_type,

r.route_class, r.speed_class, r.one_way, r.has_dir, r.toll, r.no_car,

r.no_bus, r.no_taxi, r.no_bic, r.no_truck, r.no_emerg, r.no_deliv,
r.no_pedes, r.classific

from rede_estradas as r, freguesias_ram as f

where r.geometry && f.geometry

and intersects(r.geometry, f.geometry)

and f.nome_freg like 'Fajã da Ovelha%';


the keyword here is INTERSECTS


This query creates a table based on a select. This select returns the road
segments *contained* in a polygon defining a municipality.


Hope this helps.


Pedro Doria Meunier

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Hey All,

I'm trying to extract some linestrings from a collection of linestrings  and
conditional on being within a BBox.

I will try and explain this best with some images...

My input looks like:

My desired output looks like this:

(note that I DO want the point where it intersects the bbox)

Is this at all possible to do? or do I need to start writing my own postgis

Thanks  in advance


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