[postgis-users] PostGIS - hibernate (new postgis.jar)

Jan Syryn jan.syryn at trasys.be
Mon Nov 27 08:39:28 PST 2006

Hi Markus,

The thing I did to be able to continue is I have created a postgis_addon.jar
lib that contained only new stuff like BinaryWriter.class and
And that works. It does not solve the problem, though I can use the latest
version of postgis.

I tried to use the tip I found in my previous posting by changing the name
of the postgresql-jdbc.jar drvier to pg-jdbc.jar driver with my new build
postgis2.jar (version 1.1.5)
I did not help.  
If I remove the 2 stub files (PGConnection and Connection) from postgis2.jar
: same result.
It stucks again on "No suitable driver".
If I replace the postgis2.jar by postgis.jar(1.1.0) and postgis_addon.jar by
changing the settings on the classpath, everything works again.

So, I assume there is a thing in postgis2.jar.
And to create my postgis2.jar, I made a separate project in Eclipse, created
a jar file of almost all java files(exl examples). This should do it, no ?

Anyway, I included my postgis2.jar so maybe one can replace his one with
mine and see what that does.
Or maybe one sees what I am doing wrong elsewhere...


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Norman Barker wrote:

> 2. In the thread here, people are using:
> <driver-class>org.postgis.DriverWrapper</driver-class>
> When I do the same, I get a "No suitable driver" exception.

> 3. I wanted to use the GeometryType that is packed in PostGIS 1.1.5.
> After generating the new JAR and replacing the old one by this one, I 
> start getting new exceptions:
> The class org.postgis.PGbox3d does not implement 
> org.postgresql.util.PGobject.

Those 2 things look like a classpath/classloader problem.

You have to make sure that the postgis.jar and the postgresql-jdbc.jar are
available via the same classloader (and that you don't have two incarnations
of them in your classpath)


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