[postgis-users] zigGIS Usage Experiences

Abe Gillespie abe.gillespie at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 10:32:23 PST 2006

I'm not sure if there was a breaking change since I last worked on it,
but there was actually a lot of functionality already working;
Features rendering, Identify, and Table View all worked.

I'm pretty sure I had asbinary() in my querying already.  Maybe I'm
wrong.  Anyhow, this is what should occur.  Do a lookup on the PostGIS
registry table and find what column is the vector column for your
table in question.  Then, anytime a query goes to the Npgsql driver,
that geometry column should first be wrapped with asbinary().

Good luck.

On 11/28/06, joshua.uyehara at syngenta.com <joshua.uyehara at syngenta.com> wrote:
> Hey Paolo,
> Abe isn't working on it anymore, but I have been occasionally plugging
> away at it myself.  The problem with adding the layer in ArcMap is due
> to a minor bug.
> ZigGIS pulls the geometry column data from PostGIS in its native binary
> format and passes it to ArcMap.  Unfortunately, PostGIS' internal binary
> format is not identical to the expected wkb format, so ArcMap silently
> ignores it and basically treats the table as a feature-less object
> class.
> One quick workaround is to create a view of the table that converts the
> geometry column with asbinary(), and then manually add the necessary
> entry to the geometry_columns table.
> E.g.,
> CREATE VIEW geom_table_view AS SELECT asbinary(geom_column) as
> geom_column, column2, column3, FROM geom_table;
> INSERT INTO geometry_columns (f_table_schema, f_table_name,
> f_geometry_column, coord_dimension, srid, type) VALUES
>         ('public', 'geom_table_view', 'geom_column', 2, -1,
> Change schema, table, column names, srid, etc. to match your table, then
> specify the view as the table to be opened with ZigGIS.  It's an ugly
> kludge, but I haven't had the time to fix the problem in ZigGIS itself
> yet.
> Many of the feature class functionality hasn't been implemented yet, so
> you can't do much besides display the features.  I'm planning to add
> features to ZigGIS as I need them for work, but I can't give you any
> timelines on it, as I'm swamped with other stuff at the moment.
> Hope that helped,
> Joshua Uyehara
> joshua.uyehara at syngenta.com
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> Hello Abe
> you made a great job with your ZigGis! The ArcObjects code is amazing!
> maybe you can give me a help
> I compiled your code for using it with ArcGis 9 (i made some little
> modifications at the code to get this) and .NET 2.0 It compiled fine,
> but when I start ArcMap and I add a PostGIS layer, it adds the layer on
> the TOC but nothing is showed/drawed on the map.
> Looks like geometries are not read from the shape column.
> I am wondering if you are still on this project, and maybe you could
> give me some help, or if I am on my own and must deeply
> investigate/debug myself the code in order to find what is not going
> properly
> best regards
> Paolo Corti
> GIS Developer
> http://www.paolocorti.net
> Abe Gillespie wrote:
> >
> > Sorry for the cross post, but the zigGIS list only has 9 subscribers
> > with a ton more downloads than that.
> >
> > I'm curious about any experiences people are having using or even
> > *trying* to use zigGIS.  Is it working?  Anyone need any help?  Any
> > constructive criticism?  ... I haven't heard a peep yet.
> >
> > Thanks.
> > -Abe
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