AW: [postgis-users] Detecting holes in geometries

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Fri Aug 24 05:31:21 PDT 2007

Try the following to get all the holes

 SELECT AsText(InteriorRingN(GeometryN(geom,gn.n),NumInteriorRings(GeometryN(geom,gn.n)) )) AS geometryOfHole from
areas, generate_series(1, 1000) gn(n)
Where NumGeometries(geom) >= gn.n  AND NumInteriorRings(GeometryN(geom,gn.n)) > 0

1000 is an arbitrary number here - which is just a guess of the max number of polygons per multipolygon.  Replace where I have 1000 with what you get when you do

SELECT Max(NumGeometries(geom))
FROM areas

Hope that helps,


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Well a multipolygon is just a set of polygons, so going through them and
getting the holes per polygon should work, something like:

 SELECT AsText(InteriorRingN( GeometryN(geom,1),1) AS geometryOfHole from

Should get tyou the first hole in the first polygon of the multipolygon...
Did not check, no PG access at the moment).

On 24-08-2007 11:06, "Thorsten Kraus" <Thorsten.Kraus at> wrote:

> Thanks. Unfortunately this function is only defined for polygons, but my
> geometries are of type multipolygon :(
> A cast like this did not help: SELECT AsText(InteriorRingN(geom::POLYGON,1))
> from xxxportugal2dig_s.
> Is there any other possibility to get the hole position out of a multipolygon?
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>  SELECT AsText(InteriorRingN(geom),1) AS geometryOfHole from areas
> Would get you the geometry of the 1st hole as OGC Well-Known Text...
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> On 24-08-2007 10:15, "Thorsten Kraus" <Thorsten.Kraus at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am able to detect the number of holes in a geometry with the following sql
>> statement:
>> SELECT SUM(NumInteriorRings(geom)) AS countHoles from areas
>> Is there any possibility to get the position where the holes are?
>> Regards,
>> Thorsten
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