[postgis-users] Question about creating polylines

Uwe Seher uwe.seher at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 6 06:41:18 PST 2007

Hi group!

I am creating 3d- polylines from a lot of points, which are stored in a  
table. These points represent the gps-paths of seismic measuring and have  
an id that references the single profile. This work quite good. To create  
the geometries i use the followimg statement:

linefrommultipoint(collect(geomfromewkt(((((('SRID = 31468; Point('::text  
|| t3.x_coord::text) || ' '::text) || t3.y_coord::text) || ' '::text) ||  
t3.z_coord::text) || ')'::text))) AS geom

Now the question:  Some geometries aren't created, when there are more  
then ~1300 points in one profile. Is there a upper boundary for points in  
a line? Is there a workaround for that?

Thank you
Uwe Seher
ingenieurbüro kauppert

nebeniusstr. 34
d-76137 karlsruhe

fon   +49 721 3548969-3
fax   +49 721 3548969-5

email uwe.seher at ib-kauppert.de
web   www.ib-kauppert.de

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