[postgis-users] PostGIS (& Apache/PHP) on a Windows USB stick

Brian Timoney brian at thetimoneygroup.com
Sat Jan 27 11:09:50 PST 2007

A little out of left field for the list, but related to PostGIS 
evangelization efforts....

I'd like to hear from any folks who've successfully run PostGIS 
(prefereably w/Apache and PHP) off of a Windows USB stick.  I've seen 
stuff on the Net that include a MySQL db, however my sys admin skills 
are non-existent, so while I can make the conceptual leap, the pragmatic 
aspects of getting something like this to work elude me.

The background is that I'm conducting a PostGIS-centric workshop in an 
environment where I'm uncertain what assets I'll have at hand; having a 
USB fallback plan would be quite reassuring.



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