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I actually got your last message fine with the attachment and was able
to unzip it so maybe it varies depending on what mailservers people are
using or the mail client.
Hope that helps,


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Hi All 

It seems like my previous message (see below) was deleted because of the
attachment. Sorry for this off topic question, but is it possible to
send attachments to this list? 

- Chetan 

On 7/5/07, Chetan Tiwari <chetan.tiwari at gmail.com > wrote: 

	Hi Pere
	I am attaching a zip file with the perl script, an example html
form, a test dataset and setup instructions. I am assuming that your
data has the following columns: id, longitude, latitude, species, genus,
family. You can change this in the script if I got it wrong. It should
work fine with large datasets (30,000 records should not be a problem at
all). The script is configured to work on a windows machine, although
with some minor changes to pathnames, it should work in linux/unix
environments as well. Please let me know if you have any questions or
have trouble getting it to work. I've never sent attachments on this
list, so if the zipfile does not come through please let me know and
I'll send it to you directly. 
	- Chetan
	PS This version simply uploads the file to a temp location and
then loads it into postgresql/postgis. I still need to look into
Stephen's suggestion.
	On 7/5/07, pere roca <peroc79 at gmail.com> wrote: 

		Hi Chetan and Stephen ,
		many thanks for your offer! I must definitely update
about scripting (and 
		never used perl) along with psql, so I think your perl
script will help me
		in learning too.
		Shortly, what I want is to let users see his point data
		occurences) in my web application (for that I must
update a PostGIS table) ; 
		when session finishes, data should disappear.
		I was thinking to restrict the data to insert (X,Y and
species, genus,
		family for example) and to have a pre-constructed table
in PostGIS with
		these columns. I suppose it should minimize much more
the work and time to 
		insert data and should also make much easier the
scripting. Chetan, does
		your script work fine and quickly for huge data
(about... 30.000 records) ?
		Thanks also Stephen for your collaboration! I will
inform you about my 
		progress [ or problems ;.) ]

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