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Broun Uganda tekuganda at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 9 10:30:51 PDT 2007

Dear all,A trying to write a trigger that would automatically create lines joining points in the sequence in which i insert them. If I insert point AA then BB then CC, i want lines drawn as AA-BB & BB-CC, Using the trigger below lines are drawn ( atleast i can see the gid in table links) without the geometry.May anyone advise me on this.Thank youCREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION insert_new_links() RETURNS "trigger" AS 'DECLAREstartpoint geometry;  endpoint geometry;BEGINstartpoint = asEWKT(NEW.the_geom)  WHERE NEW.gid = NEW.gid;endpoint = asEWKT(NEW.the_geom) WHERE NEW.gid = NEW.gid+1;INSERT INTO links(the_geom)VALUES(MakeLine(startpoint, endpoint ));RETURN NEW; END' LANGUAGE plpgsql;       CREATE OR  TRIGGER insert_new_links_insert    BEFORE INSERT ON nodes  FOR EACH ROW    EXECUTE PROCEDURE insert_new_links();Broun Uganda
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