[postgis-users] How to use tiger_geocoder

Stephen Frost sfrost at snowman.net
Wed Jul 11 04:01:21 PDT 2007

* Santosh Gaikwad (Santosh.Gaikwad at saama.com) wrote:
> Does anybody know how to use tiger_geocoder? Please also explain me how
> to load TIGER/line data into postgis. There are many files when you
> unzip the tiger/line data folder. Which files to be loaded into the
> database? 

I'd strongly encourage you to look at what's in SVN under
extras/tiger_geocoder.  There's information about importing the data
under the INSTALL file and the import/ subdirectory.  There's also a
good README there.  Once you've been through those, if you still have
questions, please post specific ones to the list.

There's also an entry on the PostGIS wiki for the Tiger Geocoder now,
though there isn't much there yet.


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