[postgis-users] Re: Polygon and north pole

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Tue Jul 17 08:23:34 PDT 2007

Jørn Vegard Røsnes wrote:

> If I utilize the PostGIS transform function to transform the search polygon to 
> a (polar) stereographic geometry (SRID 32661) and execute spatial queries to 
> match the product geometries in (polar) stereographic.
> Will PostGIS then use the "stereographic space", not the planar/Euclidean 
> space?

Yes, but that all your data that is *not* at the poles will be 
problematic... certainly you won't be able to do two poles at once.  If 
you have truly global data (few do, but you could be one of them) then a 
truly global system is required.  We are proposing a "geography" type 
for full geodetic support, but looking for funders as it is not a 
trivial quantity of work.



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