[postgis-users] Fw: Performance Help

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Fri Jul 27 07:42:02 PDT 2007

1)  Not that it would make much of a difference in your query aside from
readability, but I believe your box3d setsrid calls are a bit wasteful.
Your expand function will already return an SRIDd box.
So you can change
l.east_north &&

l.east_north && expand(PointFromText('POINT(326983.487899314
Also makepoint is a bit faster than pointfromtext, but since you are
dealing with static points, I guess that is not terribly important.
2) Why is your expand area larger than your distance check.  You are
going thru probably twice the number of records you need to since your
distance call will never get past the 200 expand mark
You should just be doing 
l.east_north && expand(PointFromText('POINT(326983.487899314
Hope that helps,


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Hi guys 

I have a query here that joins about 10 tables tables and uses two
distance queries. Im am having massive performance issues with it and im
hoping you could help me to tune it or change it so that performance is
increased. All of the columns being used for the joins have indexes and
I have performed ANALYZE and VACUUM on each table. The query is as

SELECT a.service_id, f.service_id, j.service_id, (k.arrival_time -
a.depart_time) AS time
FROM service1 a, service1 e, bus_stops1 c, stop_link d, service1 f,
stop_link h, service1 i, service1 j, service1 k, bus_stops1 l
WHERE c.east_north &&
AND l.east_north &&
AND distance(PointFromText('POINT(326983.487899314 671898.041182569)',
27700),l.east_north) < 200
AND distance(PointFromText('POINT(318475 673980)', 27700),c.east_north)
< 200
AND a.depart_time BETWEEN '13:50' - interval '5minutes' AND '13:50' +
interval '5 minutes'
AND f.depart_time BETWEEN e.depart_time + interval '3minutes' AND
e.depart_time + interval '13 minutes'
AND j.depart_time BETWEEN i.depart_time + interval '3minutes' AND
i.depart_time + interval '13 minutes'
AND a.stop_reference = c.stop_reference
AND e.service_id = a.service_id
AND d.stop_a = e.stop_reference
AND d.stop_b = f.stop_reference
AND f.service_id = i.service_id
AND h.stop_a = i.stop_reference
AND h.stop_b = j.stop_reference
AND j.service_id = k.service_id
AND k.stop_reference = l.stop_reference
AND a.stop_order < e.stop_order
AND f.stop_order < i.stop_order
AND j.stop_order < k.stop_order
ORDER BY time, a.depart_time

This is the EXPLAIN ANALYZE of this query:

 Limit  (cost=103086.88..103086.88 rows=1 width=28) (actual
time=390489.993..390489.997 rows=1 loops=1)
   ->  Sort  (cost=103086.88..103316.50 rows=91849 width=28) (actual
time=390489.985..390489.985 rows=1 loops=1)
         Sort Key: (k.arrival_time - a.depart_time), a.depart_time
         ->  Merge Join  (cost=74721.84..93887.80 rows=91849 width=28)
(actual time=74200.285..380077.222 rows=417915 loops=1)
               Merge Cond: ("outer"."?column6?" = "inner"."?column5?")
               Join Filter: (("inner".depart_time >=
("outer".depart_time + '00:03:00'::interval)) AND ("inner".depart_time
<= ("outer".depart_time + '00:13:00'::interval)))
               ->  Sort  (cost=63214.89..63583.86 rows=147585 width=38)
(actual time=58256.350..59157.265 rows=233571 loops=1)
                     Sort Key: (i.stop_reference)::text
                     ->  Nested Loop  (cost=2528.29..45913.84
rows=147585 width=38) (actual time=20839.047..50211.661 rows=242984
                           Join Filter: ("outer".stop_order <
                           ->  Hash Join  (cost=2528.29..21682.94
rows=3180 width=20) (actual time=20838.982..37804.115 rows=8093 loops=1)
                                 Hash Cond:
(("outer".stop_reference)::text = ("inner".stop_b)::text)
                                 Join Filter: (("outer".depart_time >=
("inner".depart_time + '00:03:00'::interval)) AND ("outer".depart_time
<= ("inner".depart_time + '00:13:00
                                 ->  Seq Scan on service1 f
(cost=0.00..14990.58 rows=718258 width=30) (actual time=0.043..14325.330
rows=718258 loops=1)
                                 ->  Hash  (cost=2527.53..2527.53
rows=306 width=33) (actual time=20602.792..20602.792 rows=1462 loops=1)
                                       ->  Merge Join
(cost=1493.57..2527.53 rows=306 width=33) (actual
time=19423.825..20596.730 rows=1462 loops=1)
                                             Merge Cond:
(("outer".stop_a)::text = "inner"."?column5?")
                                             ->  Index Scan using
link_stop_a on stop_link d  (cost=0.00..2429.39 rows=49872 width=26)
(actual time=0.054..20490.401 rows=20935 l
                                             ->  Sort
(cost=1493.57..1493.68 rows=46 width=34) (actual time=10.635..15.345
rows=1464 loops=1)
                                                   Sort Key:
                                                   ->  Nested Loop
(cost=8.59..1492.30 rows=46 width=34) (actual time=0.921..8.670 rows=235
                                                         Join Filter:
("outer".stop_order < "inner".stop_order)
                                                         ->  Nested Loop
(cost=8.59..1484.68 rows=1 width=16) (actual time=0.856..4.633 rows=7
                                                               ->  Index
Scan using stops_distance1 on bus_stops1 c  (cost=0.00..14.04 rows=1
width=13) (actual time=0.222..0.391
 rows=3 loops=1)
Index Cond: (east_north &&
Filter: ((east_north &&
88E244100000000EC69134100000000588E2441'::geometry) AND
000078912441'::geometry, east_north) < 200::double precision))
Bitmap Heap Scan on service1 a  (cost=8.59..1464.97 rows=453 width=30)
(actual time=0.454..1.384 rows=2 loops=
Recheck Cond: ((a.stop_reference)::text =
Filter: (((depart_time)::interval >= '13:45:00'::interval) AND
((depart_time)::interval <= '13:55:00'::inter
Bitmap Index Scan on service1_stop_reference  (cost=0.00..8.59 rows=453
width=0) (actual time=0.135..0.1
35 rows=213 loops=3)
Index Cond: ((a.stop_reference)::text = ("outer".stop_reference)::text)
                                                         ->  Index Scan
using service1_service_id on service1 e  (cost=0.00..5.71 rows=127
width=30) (actual time=0.022..0.249 ro
ws=62 loops=7)
Cond: (e.service_id = "outer".service_id)
                           ->  Index Scan using service1_service_id on
service1 i  (cost=0.00..5.71 rows=127 width=30) (actual
time=0.755..1.212 rows=61 loops=8093)
                                 Index Cond: ("outer".service_id =
               ->  Sort  (cost=11506.95..11612.00 rows=42022 width=33)
(actual time=15890.055..135847.222 rows=33805165 loops=1)
                     Sort Key: (h.stop_a)::text
                     ->  Merge Join  (cost=5908.77..7568.48 rows=42022
width=33) (actual time=5842.981..9827.070 rows=209740 loops=1)
                           Merge Cond: (("outer".stop_b)::text =
                           ->  Index Scan using link_stop_b on stop_link
h  (cost=0.00..2429.52 rows=49872 width=26) (actual
time=219.860..4054.111 rows=19252 loops=1)
                           ->  Sort  (cost=5908.77..5924.94 rows=6466
width=34) (actual time=3098.791..3864.662 rows=210487 loops=1)
                                 Sort Key: (j.stop_reference)::text
                                 ->  Nested Loop  (cost=8.59..5499.52
rows=6466 width=34) (actual time=417.778..1919.171 rows=44866 loops=1)
                                       Join Filter: ("inner".stop_order
< "outer".stop_order)
                                       ->  Nested Loop
(cost=8.59..4440.37 rows=139 width=16) (actual time=386.184..412.717
rows=1907 loops=1)
                                             ->  Index Scan using
stops_distance1 on bus_stops1 l  (cost=0.00..42.07 rows=3 width=13)
(actual time=302.551..302.750 rows=3 loops=
                                                   Index Cond:
(east_north &&
                                                   Filter: ((east_north
E134100000000147E2441'::geometry) AND
metry, east_north) < 200::double precision))
                                             ->  Bitmap Heap Scan on
service1 k  (cost=8.59..1460.44 rows=453 width=30) (actual
time=28.171..32.343 rows=636 loops=3)
                                                   Recheck Cond:
((k.stop_reference)::text = ("outer".stop_reference)::text)
                                                   ->  Bitmap Index Scan
on service1_stop_reference  (cost=0.00..8.59 rows=453 width=0) (actual
time=28.038..28.038 rows=636 loop
                                                         Index Cond:
((k.stop_reference)::text = ("outer".stop_reference)::text)
                                       ->  Index Scan using
service1_service_id on service1 j  (cost=0.00..5.71 rows=127 width=30)
(actual time=0.043..0.516 rows=55 loops=1907)
                                             Index Cond: (j.service_id =
 Total runtime: 390871.465 ms

As you can see it is taking entirely too much time for a query of this
size in my opinion. Therefore im assuming I have done something wrong or
could improve it in some way. I would really appreciate your help.




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