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Guido Lemoine guido.lemoine at jrc.it
Tue Aug 5 01:53:40 PDT 2008


Try this, and see if it is any faster:

select  st_intersects(a.the_geom,b.the_geom) from sites a,  
europe_waters b where a.the_geom && b.the_geom and
a.sitecode = 'xxxx';

I guess you mean that sitecode is indexed (not spatially indexed), 
because it seems to be a varchar.
Both a and b should have a spatial index on the_geom, but I reckon that 
is already the case. Also,
b (europe_layer) should not be a single polygon, but rather a set of 

This is lesson 1 in the PostGIS tutorial, more or less. In return for my 
2 minutes effort, you are
obliged to report the new performance report, so that future users will 
After all, I just saved you half a year...


danny wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm wondering if it's normal to have a 420 second response time for 
> the following query.
> A spatial index has been set on the spatial field (the_geom) and other 
> important fields (like sitecode). I've generously tweaked the memory 
> options for postgresql.
> With such a response time I would have to let my query run for half a 
> year before getting the answer I'm interested in! :)
> Anybody know how I can boost up the process or is it doomed to always 
> be so slow? The europe_layer is indeed a complex polygon....
> select  st_intersects(a.the_geom,b.the_geom) from sites a,  
> europe_waters b where a.sitecode = 'xxxx';
> "Nested Loop  (cost=0.00..496.18 rows=1310 width=35786)"
> "  ->  Seq Scan on sites a  (cost=0.00..453.43 rows=1 width=35754)"
> "        Filter: ((sitecode)::text = 'xxxx'::text)"
> "  ->  Seq Scan on europe_waters b  (cost=0.00..23.10 rows=1310 width=32)"
> My true objective would be to join thses two tables through an 
> st_intersects but for the time it is unconceivable. 
> Many thanks,
> Erik
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