[postgis-users] Representing this polygon.

Blake Crosby me at blakecrosby.com
Wed Aug 13 12:50:56 PDT 2008

Given this definition, how would one represent this polygon in PGSQL:

N56°00'00.00" W123°15'00.00" to
N53°24'00.00" W119°00'00.00" to
N50°19'35.00" W116°05'05.00" thence clockwise along the arc of a circle 
of 25 miles radius centred on
N49°57'18.00" W115°47'32.00" to
N49°57'45.00" W115°08'50.00" to
N49°30'00.00" W115°08'15.00" to
N49°00'02.00" W115°29'59.00" point of beginning


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