[postgis-users] Re: Upload a shapefile to PostGIS via Web?

Xiaoyu Guan guanxiaoyu at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 00:51:22 PDT 2008

Dear all:
Thanks for your information. I still have no time to check all the
information. it is nice to know we are working on the same problems.
Here I also found some PHP source code from OGR. please, check the following
The OGR/PHP extension enables PHP users to access the functionalities
included in the OGR library.  This extension can be used as built-in PHP or
as dynamic library (".dll" on Windows or ".so" on Unix).

The problem is that the version of OGR/PHP for windows platform is quite
old. it is need PHP 4.3.x. It is easy to install PHP, but it is not easy to
find PHP 4.3 win installer.

until now, I have already see there are some solutions are writen in PHP. I
am still wonder whether possible to write a python script which allow user
from web access the shp2pgsql on the server? Maybe it is take less time for

QGIS is a nice tool. but for this case, we need a thin client (Web client).

All the best

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