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If you haven't considered it already,  PgRouting might be something to look
at for the shortest route to a place functionality.
As I recall hearing from someone - I think KaMap is an obsolete package and
people are migrating to other packages from it.  I could be wrong though
since that's just hearsay and doesn't necessarily mean you should switch
anyway.  Things in the GIS OS web framework arena seem to be very in flux at
the moment.
It seems a lot of the newer GIS framework packages - e.g. CartoWeb,
GeoMoose, MapFish are moving towards OpenLayers for their javascript client
I don't think any of them aside from MapFish has completed that migration
which I think started out that way.  Anyrate may be worth the effort to look
at some of these packages to see what they provide.
I've only used CartoWeb which does have PostGIS, PgRouting integrated in,
pdf rendering, PHP mapscript based, smarty templating engine.  The others I
don't know too much about aside from their existence.
Below are the relevant links
Hope that helps,


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Let me introduce my work to the list:-
Hope, I can hear valuable suggestions. 
It is hosted on a Debian GNU/Linux Etch server. It was my main project
during my M.Sc. course in last semester, and I decided to do this because I
wanted to do something useful for the panchayat - my first employer :)
(Panchayats are the rural local authorities in India, just like
Municipalities - the urban thing.) My course is just finished.
I developed this thing, on a Debian GNU/Linux Etch system using GRASS GIS,
PostgreSQL with PostGIS, Quantum GIS, UMN MapServer, ka-Map etc. Coded in
MapScript and php. All are Free/Open Source things.
I want to expand this to the entire district with some added query modules,
such as shortest route to a place, maximum coverage for some areas, flood
risk analysis etc, to make it a complete plan-development support system.
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