[postgis-users] problem with OIDS

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
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OIDS=true is obsolete because it has limitations on size and PostgreSQL in general has been trying to get people to stop using it for general user tables.  Mapserver works fine for me without it and uses the gid field.
What sort of problem are you having? Could be a completely different issue or you are running a really old version of mapserver.
Hope that helps,


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in this moment I have problems with mapserver and postgis. 

This is the sentence create with shp2pgsql.exe why set the WITH (OIDS=FALSE)?;

How I can change this to OIDS=TRUE

CREATE TABLE areasalud
  gid serial NOT NULL,
  codasalud bigint,
  "version" bigint,
  descasalud character varying(40),
  geoloc geometry,
  CONSTRAINT areasalud_pkey PRIMARY KEY (gid),
  CONSTRAINT enforce_dims_geoloc CHECK (ndims(geoloc) = 2),
  CONSTRAINT enforce_geotype_geoloc CHECK (geometrytype(geoloc) = 'MULTIPOLYGON'::text OR geoloc IS NULL),
  CONSTRAINT enforce_srid_geoloc CHECK (srid(geoloc) = 2085)
ALTER TABLE areasalud OWNER TO postgres;
bets regards 

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