[postgis-users] upgrade to postgres 8.3.2 on Windows

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Fri Feb 1 05:08:35 PST 2008

I've been playing with the 8.3.2 with PostGIS stackbuilder install and
comparing with my production install.  Most went okay -> moved over one
of my spatial dbs to it.  Did some simple spatial queries.  I do seem to
be running into an issue with Mapserver 5.0 recognizing it.  Strange it
works for some layers, but my more complex layers involving views a
Mapserver error.

Error in msPOSTGISLayerRetrievePGVersion(): Error executing POSTGIS
statement (msPOSTGISLayerRetrievePGVersion():select substring(version()
from 12 for (position('on' in version()) - 13))

Although querying the view directly in postgresql works fine.

I haven't done enough work to determine if its an issue with the way I
upgraded or some incompatibility between Mapserver and the new
PostgreSQL install.  The same map file worked fine under 8.2 1.3.1

Hope that helps,

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On Mon, 2008-01-28 at 23:19 +0100, Milo van der Linden wrote:
> Hello list,
> Today I ran into an error on my postGIS database server. The database
> hosted on Windows Server 2003 and is currently postgres version 8.2.5 
> with postgis 1.3.1-1
> The error that I recieved said:
> FATAL: could not create sigchld waiter thread: error code 1455 
> 2008-01-28 12:03:39 LOG: logger shutting down
> I found that this is a known bug with postgres on windows when you
> more then 300 concurrent connections.
> Is it safe for me to upgrade to postGres 8.3.x? Will I be able to use 
> the latest windows postgis build that seems to be on: 1.3.2?
> My system is in production so I just want to make sure.
> Kind regards!
> Milo van der Linden

Hi Milo,

Win32 PostGIS 1.3.2 for PostgreSQL 8.3 is available as part of the
StackBuilder infrastructure. Unfortunately due to the large amount of
manual work involved for an upgrade, I've had to mark the package as
non-upgradeable, however it should install just fine and you should be
able to move tables across from an old installation with pg_dump with no

Note: Make sure you are running the latest 8.3RC2 release - the
installer would hang part way through in earlier releases due to a
PostgreSQL bug.

Let us know how you get on!



ILande - Open Source Consultancy

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