[postgis-users] SRID 32767 or 4326

Guido Lemoine guido.lemoine at jrc.it
Fri Feb 8 00:12:40 PST 2008


I guess you're right. In my version 1.2 spatial_ref_sys, the last 
"valid" EPSG entry is 32766.
Beyond that, I have entries that are related to ogr2ogr imports (mostly 
from shape files in UTM
projection). I actually use XSLT to upload KML, so don't have the 
longlat projection in my

So, yes, seems like an artifact.



Obe, Regina wrote:
> I suspect what you are experiencing is that OGR is generating a new
> spatial ref record because it can't find what it is looking for in the
> list.
> For example 32767 doesn't exist in my spatial_ref_sys table and ends at
> 32766, so I suspect both examples you have are OGR spatial ref creations
> at different points in time and have nothing to do with your upgrade.
> SELECT UpdateGeometrySRID('public', 'yourtablenamehere',
> 'yourcolumnnamehere', 4236);
> To correct the problem.
> Hope that helps,
> Regina
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> Dear All,
> My colleague installed postgis 1.3 recently. He then inserted some KML 
> polygon
> data using (GDAL) ogr2ogr. This gets loaded in a table which has it's
> set to 32767.
> In the 1.3 version of the spatial_ref_sys table, SRID=32767 is defined
> as a
> longlat projection.
> In MY 1.2 version of spatial_ref_sys, SRID=32767 is defined as a UTM
> zone 42N projection (WGS84). I use SRID=4326 for longlat projection,
> which has worked fine until now (I export features as KML for Google
> Earth).
> Is this something I have to worry about (esp. when upgrading)?
> GL

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